What clients say

Feedback from Caroline’s ‘Play Mobile’ workshop on smartphone marketing…

“Found it extremely useful and made me really think about where we need to be heading (already got us a QR!).”

“I was afraid it would be very technical but was very happy to find a sympathetic approach combined with a good level of introduction to unknown technology and marketing techniques, which I appreciated.”

“Found the whole event very informative and was particularly interested in the mobile marketing session as it really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities for the cinema.”

Client response to Caroline’s Focus Groups Report for National Glass Centre at the University of Sunderland…

“The report made for very interesting reading and it has given us the supporting material for the capital development plans, which was one of the key aims. It reaffirmed areas we know we need to improve but it has also high-lighted several things that we were not previously aware of as well. It’s been a very useful and valuable exercise, which I hope we will undertake again.”

Feedback from The Bowes Museum…

“Since I came to work at the Bowes I’ve found your advice and support invaluable.”

Thoughts from a colleague at The Audience Business in Edinburgh…

“You were really inspirational to us with family friendly work particularly.”

Feedback from Caroline’s ‘Technology Trends’ workshop…

“Very interesting with lots of new information that I hadn’t heard before. All presented very clearly, and I found it a great help.”

Feedback from Caroline’s ‘Digital Audiences’ workshop…

“Caroline’s presentation was particularly helpful in suggesting ways to focus social media use for more effective use in marketing.”

“It was very useful to learn about the digital audiences, we have just been plodding along trying to do ‘social marketing’ however this gave insight into a more structured and efficient way to approach.”

“Very useful, especially the bits about reactive/proactive social media.”

“I’m looking at developing a Twitter/Facebook for The Theatre, so I found the digital marketing section very useful and I’ll definitely use what I learnt!” 


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