Win a Dog Photography Session

A very talented but equally private photographer is offering a free Dog Photography session this summer to raise awareness of their work as a capturer of the canine spirit. Our phoDOGrapher friend (let’s call them The D-Bone for now) strives to capture the inner hero present in all dogs, no matter how big or small. Those of us lucky enough to be owned by a dog will appreciate how tricky this can be to achieve. Specialising in outdoor, action shots, our photographer is often found on the ground, in ditches, covered in sand or getting wet trying to find the perfect angle. If you would like to commission a Dog Photography session with The D-Bone just get in touch via me on twitter @crowdweaver or to discuss your needs and the costs involved. Otherwise, just retweet and follow my phoDOGraphy tweets as there will be a free session up for grabs every month this summer!

p.s. this offer is limited to people in the North East region only!

IMG_0392 IMG_0400 IMG_0398 IMG_0401 IMG_0409 IMG_0396 IMG_0406   IMG_0405 poodle dog photography

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