Nodal Progression: where next for websites?

Nodal Progression is a rising trend in website development. It means that brands are applying social media principles to web design and using their websites as machines for community engagement by designing them to be ‘nodal’ rather than an end point in a user journey.

Nodal Progression is an approach that embraces new thinking around Digital Marketing, which suggests that sharing audiences through helpful signposting, linking and advocacy is a viable growth strategy, and traditional models of competitive Marketing are becoming outmoded and counterproductive.

Indigo Multimedia has developed a number of successful nodal websites for clients. The case studies below illustrate the benefits, but first of all, what are the elements that make a nodal website?

  • Meeting the needs of a variety of different audiences through understanding and segmenting online user groups and targeting content to them
  • Facilitating a range of user journeys from a simple information gathering exercise through to the most sophisticated interactive experience
  • Building a community that adds value to users and visitors

Case Study






Youthoria Website

Connexions Cambridge



Develop an engaging and interactive website that is gender neutral, for 13 -19 year olds in Cambridgeshire, with CMS and moderation controls.


Indigo designed the process for delivery and performed the following key tasks:

  • Creation of unique brand which appeals to young people
  • Development of information architecture and wireframes
  • Development of three creative directions
  • Testing of creative directions with young people
  • Voting by young people
  • User testing of wireframes
  • Development of bespoke CMS
  • Development of interactive features such as CV builder, Ask Ali (online agony aunt) and ecards
  • SMS facility to receive job alerts against user profile
  • Integration with internal jobs database
  • Integration with activities database



  • Increase in traffic of 30%
  • Increase in job requests of 325%
  • Increase in job vacancy take up of 200%
  • Positive feedback from young people of all ages and gender
  • Positive feedback from Connexions advisors, teachers and parents
  • Full CMS functionality allowing flexibility to restructure and create new areas
  • SMS text alerts first stage of mobile strategy

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