Playing a part in Flaming Prints

My involvement in Northern Print’s supercool round the world printmaking relay, Flaming Prints, continues apace. We are using Pinterest as a central depository for Flaming Prints images from the 8 studios taking part in the 24 hour printmaking relay.

We are now inviting people all over the world to contribute to the project via social media, simply by making a fiery coloured thumbprint which will contribute to a giant Olympic Flame housed at Northern Print.

A fiery thumbprint for Flaming Prints

Northern Print in Newcastle’s Ouseburn is staying open for The Late Shows on 18 and 19 May. People who can’t make it along on either evening, for example those living on the other side of the world, can still take part! Just make a thumbprint in a fiery colour and take a photograph of it. Upload it to twitter and tag it #flamingprints, post it on Northern Print’s facebook page (link above), or email your  photo to The images will be gathered together on the Flaming Prints Pinterest board

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