Flaming Prints!

St Michael’s Printshop, Canada

I am currently working on a very exciting campaign. Northern Print, the North East printmaking studio and gallery, is coordinating a global printing event to celebrate the Olympic Games. Flaming Prints is a 24 hour non-stop round the world printing challenge involving eight international print studios in America, Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, Poland and South Africa.

Taller de gráfica actual, Mexico

The studios will each consecutively have three hours to create and print original artworks on the theme of the Olympic Flame. After three hours, each studio will pass the Flaming Print to the next country, and a creative path will be printed right around the globe.

The Artists’ Press, South Africa

Activities will be socially networked online and linked by Twitter (#flamingprints), Facebook (facebook.com/northernprint) and Flickr (images tagged flamingprints), with all images ‘pinned’ onto the Flaming Prints Pinterest Board (pinterest.com/flamingprints).

Hong Kong Open Print Shop

The eight printmaking studios and the artists taking part will each bring their unique cultural and place-specific input to the project, and the resulting co-created Flaming Prints will be brought together digitally to celebrate the diversity and positivism of contemporary printmaking and the Olympics.

Marta Lech, Poland

Flaming Prints is taking place at Northern Print on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 May, 7-11pm as part of The Late Shows, Newcastle’s free late night culture crawl. Visitors to Northern Print will be able to see a slideshow of the global events, and have a go at making their own Flaming Prints. Entry is free.

Northern Print, UK

The Flaming Prints Partners and Chronology (British Summer Time):

  1. Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (18/05/12, 3pm-6pm)
  2. St Michael’s Printshop, Newfoundland, Canada (18/05/12, 6pm-9pm)
  3. Two Rivers Printmaking Studio, Vermont, USA (18/05/12, 9pm-12am)
  4. Taller de gráfica actual, Mexico (19/05/12, 12am-3am)
  5. Hong Kong Open Print Shop, China (19/05/12, 3am-6am)
  6. James Tucker Studio, Seoul, Korea (19/05/12, 6am-9am)
  7. The Artists’ Press, White River, South Africa (19/05/12, 9am-12pm)
  8. Marta Lech, Poland (19/05/12, 12pm-3pm)

James Tucker, Korea

Flaming Prints is part of the Inspire Programme

Two Rivers, USA

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