iMovie Magic

What is a fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Make yourself a promotional trailer on your smartphone! (Or naturally you could ask me to make it for you.)

I paid the princely sum of £3.99 to download the iMovie app and had a fab few hours playing about with the movie trailer feature, which allows you to create short, professional looking (well, you be the judge of that!) movie-style trailers.

I created ‘The Mysterious Magic of CrowdWeaver’ as a tongue in cheek response to Marketers who claim to work miracles without really delivering – creating crowds with crossed fingers.

My approach to Marketing is a little more scientific than my ninja-esque alter ego.

What do you think? Do you feel like a short movie or trailer would add anything to your Marketing mix? I created a QR code for my movie for free online, and I’m planning some guerilla fly posting next weekend… I’ll let you know if I get a response.

Contact me if you want help creating something like this.

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