Mobile Push Marketing: 7 sins

Mobile Push Marketing means sending promotional messages through SMS and MMS.

SMS is short messaging service, a system that enables mobile phone users to send and receive text messages up to 160 characters in length. MMS is multimedia messaging service and can include images and videos. Both SMS and MMS are more expensive than sending emails (typically 5 – 10p per message, against a 1p average for bulk email), but this tactic does have a much higher potential for open rates and conversions if handled correctly.

If you are considering mobile push marketing as part of your mix, here are 7 sins to avoid.

Sin 1: Forgetting a call to action

Don’t forget to tell the customers what they have to do next, and remember to include relevant contact details. Be sure to add either:

  • A reply option
  • An address to visit
  • A website to visit
  • A coupon to present in store
  • A number to call

TOP TIP – 75% of people prefer to receive offers over any other call to action.

Sin 2:  Forgetting to test and check

In the haste to send a message, don’t forget to test and check it for errors first. Remember to check:

  • The text
  • Contact details
  • Web addresses and links
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Phone numbers

Pretend you’re a customer receiving the message. Does it make sense? Are the details correct? How could it be improved?

Sin 3: No option to unsubscribe

By omitting and unsubscriber option, you are not only infuriating your clients, you are also breaking the law. Unsubscribe options include:

  • A link to a preference centre
  • A link to automatically unsubscribe
  • Allow replies of ‘stop’ or ‘unsubscribe’
  • Include a number to call

If people want to leave the list then you must let them. There is no point texting people who don’t want to read your content.

Sin 4: Treating everyone the same

With mobile you can segment your customers into small and precise categories allowing you to give your customers services that are closely targeted to what they want. Example segmentation options:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Purchasing history
  • How often they read your messages

Sin 5: Overloading customers

Rules to follow:

  • Don’t repeat a message exactly
  • Don’t include a call to action that has been completed
  • Make sure you wait 2-3 weeks before sending more texts

Sin 6: Focusing only on selling

Alternate message types by using:

  • Local information relevant to the recipient
  • Useful information about your niche
  • Interesting videos relevant to your niche

Sin 7: Developing useless apps

Unless your app is doing something genuinely useful then it’s not really worth going through the pain, cost and distraction of developing something users will ignore. Apps that are useful include:

  • Online store apps
  • Time saving apps (e.g. shopping lists)
  • Practical apps (e.g. directories)

To sum up mobile push marketing, when we think back to the most popular smartphone activities, texting is key so it is worth reviewing your processes in light of the above recommendations to ensure that you are maximizing your return on investment in this potentially rich source of business.

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