mCommerce: what’s in store?

2012 will offer consumers many more payment options, including PayPal and the much-anticipated Google Wallet. Paying with a plastic credit card is probably going to disappear in the next few years as we move towards contactless payments via NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled mobile devices which will be able to transact with RFID (Radio Frequency ID) transmitters.

50% of smartphone owners have now completed some sort of purchase on their mobile, increasing by 20% over just nine short months in 2011. The study from eDigitalResearch also shows that 11% of shoppers are now using their smartphone to make a purchase on a weekly basis, and over a quarter (28%) use their mobile to find product information.

Smartphone users who said that they never shopped online reduced from 70% in June 2010 to 49% in October 2011. This echoes the overall trend of growing consumer acceptance of mCommerce. Similarly, smartphone owners who said that they expected to browse and purchase more on their phones in the next 12 months more than doubled from 20% to 46% and firmly establishes the importance for retailers to continue to develop and invest in mobile.

One of the  most powerful stats I have come across is from Morgan & Stanley, who predict that by 2014, sales via a mobile device will overtake sales from a PC.

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