Global Eyes: how language translation technology connects you to the world

Thanks largely to rapidly expanding mobile internet access, more people will go online in 2012 than ever before. Language translation technology such as WordLens is making it easier for people to read a website, email or advertisement in their own language.

To make your online business more global, first see which countries you are already attracting visitors from and use them as a test audience. Then, create some products or services that meet the needs of your international audience and use the test results to expand to other countries.

It may be as simple as signposting your international customers towards these new technologies and seeing what the results are.

One example of particular use to the cultural sector (visual arts and museums especially) is Google Goggles.

Goggles, technically, is actually visual search, taking a picture of objects, paintings, buildings etc and telling you what they are by comparing them to Google’s vast web index.

Contact me if you have an idea about how you want to integrate language and image translation technology into your Marketing mix.

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