Mobile Pull Marketing: QR Codes

Mobile Pull Marketing means giving consumers ways to interact with your advertising over mobile devices, and pulling them closer to a purchase decision.

To use Mobile Pull Marketing, combine a call to action with traditional advertising. For example, prompt customers to retrieve a coupon by texting a keyword to a short code number, or by taking a photo of the coupon and presenting it in store.

One of the most exciting methods of Mobile Pull is the QR code (modelled below by the delectable Kelly Brook).

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and the idea was conceived in Japan in the early 90s. It is a two-dimensional bar code, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, or other information which is read by a QR code scanner app.

It seems to me this simple technology will come of age and become as ubiquitous as smartphones over the next year or two. This is because it does that most desirable of things – makes life easier. Rather than standing around typing fiddly URL details in, users just have to take a picture of the QR using one of the mainy free apps that decode them. The ‘snapper’ is then automatically routed to the landing page.

Although the QR phenomenon has passed some consumers by, 32% of smartphone users say they have used a QR code and 70% say they would be interested to do so. Crucially, nearly three quarters of smartphone users say they are very or somewhat likely to recall an ad with a QR code.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Pull Marketing: QR Codes

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