Smartphone Ubiquity

Smartphone Ubiquity is why Marketers need to get on board with mobile Marketing and embrace the smorgasbord of communications opportunities smartphone technology is offering up.

A smartphone is a mobile phone with computer-like features that can include:

  • email
  • internet browser
  • personal organiser
  • touch screen
  • a full keyboard
  • camera/video recorder
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • mobile broadband
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

While many of you reading this will own a smartphone, I wonder how many of you feel confident that your Marketing output is making the most of smartphone technology?

In my experience, the barriers Marketers feel towards mobile Marketing are a lack of knowledge of the technology and lack of understanding of what’s out there right now and how expensive it will be to tap in to. This is a nascent Marketing channel so that’s hardly surprising. I hope these blog posts will help demystify smartphone Marketing and provide Marketers with ideas and inspiration, because Smartphone Ubiquity is on its way.

At the beginning of 2011 smartphone penetration in the UK was 25%. The most conservative figure at the start of 2012 is 45%. Given that the UK population is around 50 million, that means there are already 22 million smartphone users in the UK, and it’s rising rapidly. In the 12 weeks to October 2011, smartphones accounted for just under 70% of mobile phone sales in the UK. Moreover, it’s worth noting that a recent report by Ipsos and Google found that more people use a mobile phone than a computer – meaning mobile Marketing has the potential to out perform all our old faithful internet channels.

Scary but exciting times.

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